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With around 3 to 4 million stray and abandoned dogs in Sri Lanka we manage to foster as many of them as possible but due to financial capacity we cannot afford to foster more.

Being in an underdeveloped country, where animal welfare is still a mirage, to have successful adoption stories is extremely difficult. In rural areas, you will find stray dog adopters but families, being so poor. have no financial capacity to maintain them, and often lack adequate care.

We have to make sure to fully vaccinate and sterilise the dogs before giving them to families, as well as ensure full support post-adoption. In more developed areas most families would never consider to adopt a stray dog because they are not considered as possible pets and not as fashionable and appealing as pedigree dogs.

Puppies in our centre find loving homes within four to six months but for more adult pooches it is really hard to get adopted and so they will need to live with us for longer.

We receive no government funding and are totally dependent on the generosity of people like you. By sponsoring a dog for £25 per month, you won’t just be helping your sponsor dog but all their friends too!


how sponsorship works


We’ve got sponsor dogs of all ages, sizes, and cross breeds! You can choose your favorite cute face or a naughty and cheeky character, a dog with a story that hits you right in the heart or a dog that you may visit when you visit beautiful Sri Lanka or you want to relocate to your country.

STEP 2: set up your sponsorship

Choose your preferred method of payment and how much your monthly donation will be.

STEP 3: stay tuned

You will be added to a WhatsApp list of all the virtual families of the sponsored pooches or decide to have a private conversation with us and be sent videos and pictures. If you join our Instagram page you will be tagged to all posts of your sponsored doggie.

how your money is spent

For just 7500 LKR/£25 a month we will be able to secure a safe place with us, daily nutritious food, love and care.


With an additional donation of £59/$81, we are also be able to cover a years round of vaccinations and sterilization. 

Rabies Vaccines 900LKR 2 shots
DHPL Vaccines 2060LKR 2 shots
Anti-parasite Treatment 8000LKR 12 months
Deworming Treatment 1400LKR 12 months
Anti-mange Treatment 4000LKR 12 months

sponsor a feeding round

Currently, we are feeding approximately 50 dogs daily, in 5 different locations.

Due to the pandemic, we found increasing feeding spots, we came across packs of malnourished dogs in search of food and vet care, therefore we decided to implement new feeding areas.

We do not receive any loans or grants therefore we solely rely on donations, please consider sponsoring the total cost of the feeding rounds or choose just to give a contribution towards it.

Our food cost is 60,000 LKR, or £220/$368 USD, per month.

We regularly update our audience about our activities.  If you follow our Instagram we will tag you when we publish stories or posts about feedings.

sponsor a worker

Many locals have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and many families have fallen into poverty. By sponsoring a position at UDSL, you can help stray dogs and give a family a second chance!

With only 60,000 LKR, or £135/$170USD/160EUR per month, you can change someone’s life and save many animals in need.

You can choose to sponsor the total cost of one or two salaries or to contribute towards the final goal.

want to adopt a dog?

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Do you have an animal lover friend? Sponsorship is the perfect gift for that person who is not in a position to adopt a pet into their home.