Volunteers for UDSL are always accepted and can participate in either direct or remote work.

Underdogs Sri Lanka’s volunteer program consists of two different options. 

Direct work is an exciting adventure and can include numerous tasks, from taking care of our fostered dogs, to feeding our community dogs in different locations. Field work is an important part of what we do, and allows us to identify and rescue stray dogs in urgent need. Volunteers are offered free accommodation and other compensations, depending on budget and availability at the time.

Remote work is for those who love being behind the scenes and have the passion and creativity for getting projects off the ground! Volunteering from home can be just as exciting and rewarding as direct work in Sri Lanka. There are many options for getting involved such as fundraising, promoting, helping finding new connections.

To find out more ways of volunteering remotely, or to apply for volunteering directly, please send an email to: [email protected], and include a short summary of your interest and/or experience. We will arrange an interview as soon as possible.