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Let us introduce you to our founder, Betta – originally from Italy, she spent most of her life living in London, where she worked at various charities over the years, mainly focusing on animals and children. She came to Sri Lanka five years ago and absolutely fell in love with Trincomalee, where she eventually build a boutique hotel on the beach.

Unfortunately, this area is secluded, with limited access to vet care and and resources, so there’s a huge population of dogs – sadly, many can be seen suffering in the streets, the beach and in the community as a whole. She knew there had to be a better life for these dogs, so Underdogs Sri Lanka was born.

This is a huge task and would not have been possible without the amazing support of various animal charities throughout the country, that came together and began creating the infrastructure needed to support these dogs. They began coordinating on sterilisation and vaccination projects, creating daily feeding routes, and fostering the ones in desperate need.

Underdogs Sri Lanka relies 100% on donations and during these difficult times it’s hard to keep asking for help, but we can’t do what we do without your generous support.

our mission

To improve the lives of stray dogs through rehabilitation, sterilisation and re-homing

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how can you help?