Age: 6 months
Sex: Male
Living with Children: Yes
Living with Dogs: Yes, but not with a dominant one.
Living with Cats: Yes, we can give it a go!
Sterilized: Yes
Vaccinated: DHPL, Rabies


Hope, Willy, Chester, and Woody were approx 2 to 3 weeks old when we found them in front of our gate on a rainy day. They were shivering and in great discomfort. We were not sure whether they could survive without their mother’s milk, but we took the risk and bottle fed them puppy formula every 3 hours. Hope, Willy, and Chester have grown into healthy, beautiful and playful puppies. Woody found his forever home here in Sri Lanka, while Chester, Willy, and Hope are still looking for a family who will love them forever!

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Our Chester is a naughty boy, but a cheeky naughty, not a bad one! He can be dominant at times and also very independent and playful. He is a sweet, friendly, handsome boy, who is looking for a home with a family who will give him lots of cuddles and attention, as well as the freedom to be himself! We thought we had found the perfect family for him in the capital, Colombo. We arranged everything to bring him to his new home but then received a message from his potential parents saying that a family member had gifted them with a pedigree puppy instead, and they had to cancel the adoption. We were devastated: not only because his second chance was gone, but also because pedigree dogs are a superior “dog cast” here in Sri Lanka, and around the world. We felt very sad about the worldwide reality behind pedigree dogs and the continuous support of puppy mills and animal cruelty. Chester loves to socialise and play alone too. He sniffs people to say “hello” and loves human contact in general. We are looking for a home that can give him lots of mental stimulation, as well as the love and affection he deserves. Chester is a friendly, exuberant boy, but also quite calm and obedient, so would most likely be fine living with children or other pets. He is not accustomed to free, unfenced spaces like the beach, and has always been in our centre with an outdoor garden, which would be an ideal space for his new home. Chester has also never lived in a home before so we don’t know how he will react to being left alone; therefore, his time alone should be managed and minimal while he is adjusting to home life.

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