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who we are

Underdogs Sri Lanka was created to give a second chance to strays in need of support. Originally set in a Tamil area where the signs of civil war are still affecting the community, Underdogs Sri Lanka is completely devoted to improving the lives of street and beach dogs in the North East of Sri Lanka. Recently the foster centre relocated to Southern Sri Lanka, while still maintaining our projects in the North East. Our focus is the rescue, rehabilitation, sterilisation, vaccination, and rehoming of strays in urgent need.

Underdogs Sri Lanka fosters only a small number of rescue dogs at the centre. The rescue centre also serves as a clinic space for mass sterilisations, as well as a rehabilitation centre for the treatment of sick/injured dogs, when needed.

Underdogs Sri Lanka also organises different feeding programmes, and is currently providing food and medical care to more than 50 strays in the local community.

There are approximately 3 million stray dogs in Sri Lanka, most of them forgotten in the Northern and Eastern part of the country.

We need to change this…


To decrease the overpopulation of stray dogs in Sri Lanka and increase the quality of life for those already living freely.


To improve the lives of stray dogs through rehabilitation, sterilization and re-homing


Our focus is reducing the population islandwide, and helping street dogs in urgent need of medical assistance. We aim to provide comprehensive care and support to stray dogs throughout the island, including quality vet care, sterilisation programmes, and the fostering and rehoming of dogs who have been abandoned at our centre or found on the street in extreme circumstances. Our goal is – within one year – to rehome all of the dogs currently being fostered at our centre.

We recently started a partnership with other organisations in Canada that focus on relocating stray dogs from various developing countries. We started our relocation project successfully by sending some fosters to different part of Canada, but we’re also planning to relocate worldwide.

We also just launched a scheme to help families with great financial difficulties, during the worse economic crisis Sri Lanka has ever experienced ‘A dog helps a family and a family helps a dog’ is the premise – families who adopt a dog from our centre will receive a monthly allowance from us, allowing them to feed their new furry friend at no extra cost to them.

what we do



We vaccinate stray and pet dogs against rabies, which is 100% fatal but also 100% preventable.



We organise mass sterilisation events for stray and owned dogs to help control overpopulation and unwanted breeding.



When possible we try to rehome our dogs so they can live a fulfilling life in their fur-ever home!



We educate the local people on how they can take care of their animals and the stray animals.

Either we come together as a community and help them or do nothing and watch them die.

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