Age: 1.5 years
Sex: Female
Living with Children: Yes, we can give it a go!
Living with Dogs: Yes, preferably if they won’t bully me or if they are not puppies.
Living with Cats: No, I don’t get along well with cats.
Sterilized: Yes
Vaccinated: DHPL, Rabies


Federica was only a small puppy when she kept following some tourists who were regularly visiting our cafe. After the couple left, Federica kept returning to our place. She was severely malnourished and in extreme need of human contact, so we decided to start a rehabilitation program for her.

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Federica is a very sweet and gentle soul, but can be very shy at the beginning until she gains your trust. Once she gets to know you, she will be the most cuddly dog ever! Fede loves running on the beach and socializing with other doggies, so we think she won’t be suitable for an apartment without a garden. She is very playful and at times can get bullied, but can also be part of bullying if together with a pack. Freddy must have been a hunting dog in another life, as she is the first to chase wild animals, cats, etc. and can get quite serious during the hunt! Although this behaviour is noticed more when with the pack. She is often in need of human contact and attention, but can also be very cheeky and independent! Fede is sometimes vocal and whiny when seeking attention, and will oftentimes join you in bed in search of a snuggle or two. She would be the perfect pet who always prefers a cuddle to a treat! Give her love, care, and freedom, and she will be your forever best friend.

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