Age: 6 months
Sex: Male
Living with Children: Yes
Living with Dogs: Yes, but not with a dominant one.
Living with Cats: Yes, we can give it a go!
Sterilized: Yes
Vaccinated: DHPL, Rabies


Hope, Willy, Chester, and Woody were approx 2 to 3 weeks old when we found them in front of our gate on a rainy day. They were shivering and in great discomfort. We were not sure whether they could survive without their mother’s milk, but we took the risk and bottle fed them puppy formula every 3 hours. Hope, Willy, and Chester have grown into healthy, beautiful and playful puppies. Woody found his forever home here in Sri Lanka, while Chester, Willy, and Hope are still looking for a family who will love them forever!

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Willy is a handsome boy who loves meeting new people and dogs. He enjoys playing with anything he finds and is quite the lap dog when snuggling up on the sofa. Willy has a calm and gentle character. You will often find him alone, enjoying his own company; however, he also loves to play with the group. Most of the time, Willy keeps to himself and is not always up for excessive cuddles and attention. He prefers his own space but also initiates attention when he is ready. Willy can live with children and potentially another playful, friendly dog. He is looking for a nice family to call his own!

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