This is how we like to see Sri Lankan stray dogs,  and all the stray dogs in the world really, free and happy like in this picture.

If there were community dogs, cared and tracked by councils, by local organisations and by the communities in each Sri Lankan province, we wouldn’t have to worry so much about them being homeless because they would be happier than many owend dogs, enjoying their freedom and the care of animal welfare experts, who know how to maintain their well-being.

In rural areas, owened dogs have a lower quality  life than a free roaming one. Being tied up or caged they signed up to the most unbearable life ever.

So why it’s making you sad the view of a street dog? who can actually live a decent life if vet care and food is provided? Why does not make you sad to see a dog inside a garden tied up or caged or never allowed out of the property, without socialising neither exercising?

You really do not need much, in SL with a little bit of more effort from the authorities, which should provide more efficient rabies administration and mass sterilization to all the stray population, stray dogs would  live a healthier life. Organisations would perhaps support with vet care and feeding. It could really be a perfect work chain which would fully support the existing strays on the road and prevening the growth of the stray population.
So, don’t feel sad for a stray, don’t wish him/her to be imprisoned in a shelter or in a house without proper care, but donate to any organisation who focus on sterilisation programs,feed street dogs and give vet care, there are a few in Sri Lanka who, we believe, will change the concept of stray dog’s life who will help to slowly eliminate old fashion shelter’s concepts and focusing only on those who really need to be in  structures, like disabled  dogs and foster programs for puppies. The healthy adults are the survived ones… PLEASE LEAVE THEM WHERE THEY ARE!

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